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"This thank you is long overdue, but we think you did a really outstanding job taking care of our cats! It was the first time that we've been away for a long time and they weren't upset by or afraid of the people taking care of them. They were thrilled to see us and so loving when we got home. You have the magic touch! We really think you did a terrific job with them and are very grateful."

KR & TG 2010

"I do not know where to begin.  I have entrusted my eight year old Gordon Setter with Boston Pet Sitters on numerous occasions... Travel is hard enough today without having to worry about my 'best friend.'  I know he is happy and well taken care of whenever I have left town... When I had an emergency situation being snowed in out of town, I called and you were there for us in a flash.  I could really depend on you and will never forget your kindness and professionalism."

AR, 2003.


Millie Playing in the Leaves, Boston Pet Sitters


Image, Testimonial

 Image, Testimonial

Image, Testimonials

I can't thank you enough for taking such fine care of Bentley. Through all kinds of weather & crazy rescheduling, I always knew I could count on you. You have an unusual combination of really loving animals and yet recognizing that you're running a 'serious business.' I was always impressed with the professional standard that you and your walkers uphold. We will truly miss you!"

J, 1998.

I don't know how many pets Boston Pet Sitters cares for in a typical year. Hundreds? Thousands? What's important is that they know each one and they treat them all with affection. You could not make a better decision than to leave your animal companions in the good hands of the Boston Pet Sitters team."

CB 2010

Bogey in the Park, Boston Pet Sitters

"I am writing this letter to thank you for the caring & professionalism you conveyed while taking care of my two cats while I was absent.  After many phone calls & interviews, I felt most comfortable with your agency.  I was able to go to Virginia with complete peace of mind, never having used a 'pet sitting' agency.  It was a completely new experience & I would surely recommend you to any of my neighbors." 

LC, 1991."

"We adopted Walter 3 years ago, and after having a negative experience with another walker, we asked other dog owners who they felt was the best walking company in the city. Over and over we heard "Boston Pet Sitters," and "Call Jennifer!" We are happy to report that we did call and that our experience with Boston Pet Sitters has been incredibly positive.
Walter, like many terriers, has a touch of a Napoleon complex. We understand that dealing with one of Wally's Tasmanian Devil moments is not for the faint-hearted. However, each and every person that Jennifer has placed Walter with has treated him with affection and humor.
It is not just that the Boston Pet Sitters team loves animals, but also that they understand them, cherish their quirks, and feel responsible for their well-being. Walter would not be the happy and social city dog he is today without the guidance and care of Jennifer North and the Boston Pet Sitters team."

LS S, 2010

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